BlueHat Cyber expands its Managed Cloud Platform

Johannesburg, 2 May 2017 — BlueHat Cyber, an Infrastructure as a Service provider, has recently expanded its Managed Cloud Platform across three data centers.

BlueHat Cyber now hosts in three tier three data centers across South Africa, two in the greater Johannesburg area and one in Cape Town. It has expanded its locally managed cloud services to the mother city, says Brenton Halsted, Co-Founder and Director of BlueHat Cyber.

All its managed cloud services, namely: Cloud Server, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage, Virtual Data Center, Dedicated Servers, Dedicated and Shared Firewall Services are available in all three data centers.

Local Internet break-out is also available in all three data centers. BlueHat Cyber uses multiple Internet service providers for Internet break-out to provide resiliency. BlueHat Cyber has connectivity to multiple network service providers, providing its customers with the choice to connect to many service providers while hosting on its Managed Cloud Platform. The company’s customers can backup or replicate from on-premises or host in a data center of their choice.

Existing customers can choose a secondary data center for disaster recovery. BlueHat Cyber offers offsite backups and replication of primary servers to a secondary data center. Low inter-data center connectivity costs make backup or replication viable.

BlueHat Cyber uses leading backup and replication technology that provides compression and de- duplication of data. Compression and de-duplication decreases the amount of data over the wire and speeds up backups or replication jobs. These factors allow customers to achieve their DR goals, with the ability to customize backup and/or replication frequency and retention periods.

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