Shared Firewall

All Cloud Servers and Virtual Data Centers are protected through BlueHat Cyber’s shared managed firewall appliances. There is no need for you to configure or manage a guest operating system based firewall on your server, such as IP Tables on Linux and Windows Firewall for Windows Server. The shared firewall is for perimeter security and is used to filter network traffic to protect your servers from external threats.

The shared firewall service is based on next generation firewalls and includes advanced security features including Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), web filtering, secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, application control  and automated threat protection. The shared firewall service is enabled by default and allows for customized policies for incoming and outgoing traffic to meet application(s) access requirements.
The shared firewall also allows for the configuration of a virtual DMZ to allow the separation of front-end and back-end systems. An SSL VPN software client is provided at no charge for up to 20 users who require access secure remote access. The service also includes up to 5 site to site IPSEC VPN tunnels

Secure access to your servers with next-generation firewall features

Intrusion prevention and anti-virus scanning

1 free DMZ

5 x free IPSEC tunnels

Managed by security experts

Customized policies

Up to 20 VPN users

Cost-effective monthly OPEX fee

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