Backup as a Service (BaaS)

BlueHat Cyber’s Backup as a Service is a complete customized backup service that includes software, storage and managed services for servers hosted on premise, co-located or in cloud environment(s). BlueHat Cyber’s BaaS is powered by industry leading backup software namely Veeam.

Veeam backup and replication software supports the backup and recovery of physical, virtual, Windows, Linux and UNIX servers that includes application aware backup and recovery technology.

Primary workloads may be hosted in multiple locations and BlueHat Cyber will manage the backup of workloads across all locations. Backup monitoring, capacity planning, schedule optimization, performance optimization and alerting is included to ensure optimal backup and recovery. Backup policies, retention periods and reporting are customized to meet compliance requirements.

BlueHat Cyber IaaS storage services are included where necessary to provide storage for short term and long term backup retention. BlueHat Cyber has multiple hosting facilities that allows for the facilitation of offsite backups where required. Disaster Recovery options are also available.

Blue Hat BaaS

Backup managed service

Unlimited restores

Customizable retention periods

Granular recovery

End-to-end encryption


Offsite backups available

Monthly OPEX Fee (cost per VM and Gb per month)

Flexible terms

24x7 support

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