Backup Verification Virtual Data Center

A backup verification service for customers that require proof of restorability of Virtual Servers hosted in an existing Virtual Data Center.

Blazing fast

Powerful Intel Gold and Platinum processors

All flash performance storage

Scalable CPU, RAM and storage

Unlimited Internet traffic

Managed firewall or self service firewall options available

99.95% uptime SLA

24/7 monitoring support

Cost effective monthly OPEX fee

Isolated from production network

About the Service

The Backup Verification Virtual Data Center service enables customers to request restores of production Virtual Servers in existing Virtual Data Centers for the purposes of testing and verification.

Customers can request restores for the purposes of compliance verification, patch testing or as an end to end testing environment.

A new Virtual Data Center with the same access, accessibility and features of a production Virtual Data Center will be provisioned in the customers’ existing portal. This Virtual Data Center will have the same networking structure and allow the same IP addresses as the production Virtual Data Center to be used, but will be isolated on a network level to ensure duplicate addresses do not interfere with production.

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