GPU Enabled Virtual Data Center

The GPU enabled Virtual Data Center (VDC) service is a private virtual compute resource pool that includes GPU resources, self-service portal, unlimited internet traffic and is protected by Firewalls.

Blazing fast infrastructure

Powerful Intel Gold and Platinum CPUs

Nvidia GPUs

All Flash performance storage

Scalable CPU, RAM and storage

Unlimited Internet traffic

Self service provisioning and management

Marketplace for prepacked operating systems and applications

Backups available

99.95% uptime SLA

The GPU enabled Virtual Data Center service consists of CPU, RAM, GPU RAM, storage and network that is delivered through BlueHat Cyber’s Enterprise Grade Managed Cloud Platform. You can choose the amount of resources you require for your Virtual Data Center and scale up or down when needed. All Flash, SSD and 10K storage tiers are available.

We can extend or create your own private network for your Virtual Data Center while choosing from multiple firewall options. A self-service portal is provided for your complete control of your server(s). The Virtual Data Center service includes a Self-Service Portal that provides a single view for all virtual servers within the Virtual Data Center. This portal is available for our Cloud Server and Virtual Data Center services. IT administrators maintain full control of their servers and can perform tasks such as; provision virtual servers, provision virtual servers from templates, upgrade virtual servers, console access to virtual servers, configure networks, start, stop, reboot and delete virtual servers.

An application market place is also available to deploy validated third-party, open-source and first-party applications for VDC tenants at no cost. The Virtual Data Center service is a complete IaaS solution that provides scalability and flexibility to host business applications.

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