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How to log a call

Support calls can be logged with BlueHat Cyber via the following methods:

  • Email to support@ 24/7
  • Telephonically on +27 87 285 4370 during business hours
  • Telephonically on +27 87 285 4371 for afterhours support (6pm to 7am SA Time)

When logging a support ticket please provide as much detailed information as possible to assist the technical team in diagnosing the issue. The following details are required:

  • Site where the issue is being experienced
  • Services or applications that are affected
  • Priority required on the call 
  • Any technical information that will assist in diagnosis and problem resolution 

When logging a support ticket, the priority of the request is default at a P3. The below table outlines the different levels of priority.

Business Impact


Highly Critical

Production Systems down or total failure on business systems



Severe impact to business operation or Production Systems



Minor system degradation or non-production services affected



Intermittent issue or request to monitor / Investigate a potential issue

Response Times

A technical resource will respond to the ticket within 30 minutes of the ticket being logged
NOTE: High priority tickets will receive priority and will be responded to by the first available resource.

Support Escalation

The escalation contact list below shows the different levels of escalation should you need to raise the priority of a call.

Level of Escalation
Contact Details


BlueHat Cyber Support Desk

support@                  +27 87 285 4370  (Business Hours)

                                                                +27 87 285 4371 (After Hours)


Operations Manager

Ralph Coles                                           +27 73 147 8751



Services Director

Rob Roy                                                 +27 83 649 1169



Managing Director

Brenton Halsted                                   +27 82 813 0525


Upgrades/New Services

For new services or upgrades, please contact us on sales@

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