BlueHat Cyber introduces GPU-enabled VDC service

BlueHat Cyber has introduced a GPU (graphics processing unit) enabled virtual data center service to its Infrastructure as a Service portfolio.

The GPU-enabled virtual data center service is a virtual private resource pool that consists of customisable CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and network that is delivered through BlueHat Cyber’s Enterprise Grade Managed Cloud Platform. The service also includes a self-service portal, unlimited Internet traffic and a number of network security services.

The GPU-enabled virtual data center is the perfect fit for customers that use powerful 3D content creation applications on Windows servers. All the processing is performed on virtual server(s) within the VDC, the full features of an enterprise grade GPU are available and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Workloads are not limited to only 3D content, but can also include use cases such as image classification, object detection and speech recognition.

Offloading parallel processing tasks from the CPU onto the GPU greatly decreases processing time and increases the overall performance of image intensive applications. Virtualising the physical GPU hardware and presenting virtual GPUs to virtual servers in the VDC assists in reducing costs for end-customers that require GPU resources.

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