BlueHat Cyber introduces a Cold Standby Server service

Johannesburg, 10 April 2018 — BlueHat Cyber, a managed cloud provider based in Johannesburg, has announced a new service, namely Cold Standby Servers.

Many organisations require disaster recovery (DR) services but do not want to incur the costs of the infrastructure required.

BlueHat Cyber’s new service allows customers to replicate their servers from their on-premises data center(s) or hosted data centers into BlueHat Cyber’s Managed Cloud.

Replication is performed at a server level. The organisation’s IT administrators can set the amount of servers and frequency of the replication per server. Once the server has been replicated into BlueHat Cyber’s managed cloud, the servers are in a Cold Standby state. the server is then available to be powered on and accessible in the event of a DR event.

Cold Standby Servers benefits include a low cost entry point for DR. The service is available starting from a single server per customer enabling customers to select only critical servers or systems that require DR. The service is available for physical and virtual servers.

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