BlueHat Cyber enhances its hosted disaster recovery services

Johannesburg, 4 September 2018: BlueHat Cyber introduces a new feature to its Cold Standby Server Service powered by Veeam. BlueHat Cyber, a managed cloud provider based on Johannesburg, has announced a new service to enable customers to easily access their cold standby servers for disaster recovery (DR).

One of the biggest challenges customers face when initiating DR is accessing their applications located in the DR site.

DR plans usually involve some form of replication to a secondary facility with a minimum geographical distance from production, to ensure a wide-ranging outage in the production facility area does not bring down the DR facility as well. This necessitates the use of some form of a routed wide area network between the two sites and that users and applications accessing the production sites need to be re-routed to the DR site in the case of failover. This re-routing exercise can drastically increase the time it takes to get users and customers back up and running, resulting in loss of production and customer satisfaction.

By utilising Veeam Powered Network in combination with BlueHat Cyber’s cold standby servers, BlueHat Cyber can drastically reduce the time it takes customers to recover from a failure of its production facility. Cold standby servers are replicas of the production servers that reside on the BlueHat Cyber cloud platform in a ‘powered off’ state. The recovery point objective is determined by the customisable replication interval set for the cold standby server.

Veeam Powered Network allows for the configuration of a virtual private network that is created between the end-user site and the BlueHat Cyber cloud platform. Since Veeam Powered Network helps to effectively and securely extend the customer’s network into the BlueHat Cyber cloud platform, no IP address changes are needed on the cold standby servers and no client reconfiguration is required.

The customer can simply power on the cold standby servers required to get its users or customers up and running using the Veeam Powered Network console, and will be back up and running in the time it takes to boot the server. In the event of users requiring to completely relocate to a secondary office location due to the primary office being unavailable, Veeam Powered Network can initiate a secure connection to BlueHat Cyber across the Internet to access the cloud servers effectively and securely, with no server, application or user changes required.

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