BlueHat Cyber enhances DRaaS offering

BlueHat Cyber has achieved VMware DRaaS validation and has enhanced its DRaaS offering to ensure continuity of on-premises or hosted critical workloads in the event of a disaster. Virtual workloads can be replicated from on-premises, co-located or other cloud environments to BlueHat Cyber’s Cloud Platform.

BlueHat Cyber facilitates DR using replication technologies from VMware. Replication on a per virtual machine or an entire virtual estate enables customers to protect critical systems. The service includes self-service management or can be managed by BlueHat Cyber with an RPO as low as five minutes.

Customers who are hosted in BlueHat Cyber’s Virtual Data Centers have the ability to replicate between Virtual Data Centers within BlueHat Cyber’s Cloud Platform across regions. Customers with VMware on-premises, can simply select BlueHat Cyber as a DR target from within Virtual Center and replicate to BlueHat Cyber.

System testing can be executed easily and simply without impacting existing replications. Testing is non-impactful and completely customisable from the start up order of VMs to modifying networking. DRaaS streamlines and simplifies DR processes as well as reduces cost. There is no need for capital investment for dedicated DR hardware as the service is based on a monthly OPEX fee.

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