BlueHat Cyber adds Object Storage to its storage portfolio

BlueHat Cyber has recently added Object Storage to its storage portfolio, namely Cloud Object Storage. BlueHat Cyber provides storage as a service that is based on enterprise grade storage systems. These storage services are available for consumption as a monthly fee and delivered from BlueHat Cyber’s Enterprise Managed Cloud Platform. The BlueHat Cyber Storage portfolio now includes Block, File and Object Storage.

Cloud Object Storage is based on an industry standard Object Storage architecture that is S3 compatible. Data is managed as objects, which is considerably different to block and file storage architectures. Cloud Object Storage provides practically infinite scalability for storing data that is static in nature, such as: multimedia, Web content, big data, archive files and long-term retention of backups. It provides easy access to storage anywhere, any time and from any device over HTTPS, allowing for remote access to the data. Combined with backup applications, Object Immutability can be achieved to ensure backups are not altered or deleted.

BlueHat Cyber’s Cloud Block Storage and Cloud File Storage can be attached to servers hosted in the same co-location facility as BlueHat Cyber, as well as BlueHat Cyber Compute services such as our Virtual Data Center, Cloud Server, Dedicated Server and Hosted HCI services. Cloud Object Storage is accessible from any device or applications over HTTPS with S3 RESTful APIs and Swift APIs.

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