Server & Desktop Virtualization Services

BlueHat Cyber specializes in VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix or Linux KVM virtualization technology.

Why Should I Choose Virtualization?

Virtualization increases your organization’s productivity while reducing IT infrastructure, labor and energy costs.

Virtualization Services For Your Desktop, Servers, and Datacenter

Virtualization has proven to be a game-changing technology, providing efficiencies and capabilities that simply aren’t possible when constraining your IT infrastructure within a physical setting.

BlueHat Cyber leverages virtualization to provide advanced features that aren’t available with conventional hardware only deployments, including:

  • Reduced Operating Costs: By virtualizing your servers, desktops and more, you eliminate the need to pay for and maintain outdated hardware onsite.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Virtualization opens you up to a wide range of flexible and customizable computing solutions that will allow you to easily share and edit files, documents, and other data to enhance the way you communicate and collaborate with your clients and staff.
  • Improved Scalability: As opposed to traditional IT infrastructure, virtual systems are completely scalable to your business’ size and needs, ensuring that you don’t pay for anything that isn’t completely necessary.
  • Maximized Business Continuity Solutions: Virtual systems are completely immune to the disasters that could knock out your physical systems in an instant. By hosting your IT system virtually through an off-site location, your data, applications, and servers are safe from any onsite emergency you may encounter.

Our team has of virtualization experts use only the best technologies to manage your virtualization project:

  • VMware
  • Hyper V
  • Xen
  • Linux KVM

Ultimately, you’re able to eliminate the cost associated with maintaining and supporting your own servers – reducing operational expenses and opportunities for disruption and/or downtime. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about vulnerabilities left unattended, as we will handle all updates as necessary.

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