In 2017, 74% of CFOs said cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their business. What are you doing to improve the way your company operates?

Forbes found that 74% of CFOs said cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their business in 2017. As the years go by, the cloud is getting more advanced – offering even GREATER capabilities to businesses that choose to leverage it. Forbes also mentioned that cloud computing spend has grown at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending over the past few years, which means those that aren’t investing in the cloud are likely falling behind the competition. So why exactly are so many companies investing in the cloud? There’s a few key reasons:

  • Greater collaboration with partners, customers, and colleagues
  • Simplified development in terms of scalability
  • Greater consistency across platforms to minimize management efforts
  • Higher cost-savings with no upfront costs and flat-rate monthly fees
  • Lower risk due to comprehensive, built-in security measures

Ultimately, the cloud lets small businesses play in the same league as the big boys. You’re able to free yourself up to huge organizational structure changes – adding remote workers in various locations to spread out the company base and remove geographical limitations.

Our private cloud solutions: the clear choice to improve the way your company operates. Call (775) 284-4210 or email us at info@bluehatcyber.com to learn more.

Our flexible cloud solutions give you the power to choose exactly what you want with rapid deployment and built-in business continuity to help create a more reliable environment. You can:

  • Escape from hardware and licensing costs
  • Reduce management and maintenance tasks
  • Pay for services as you go
  • Enjoy scalable solutions with flexibility
  • Expect rapid deployment
  • Get built-in business continuity
  • Gain peace-of-mind with increased reliability

Why choose our secure private cloud solutions instead of a public cloud solution?

Many businesses nowadays are looking toward the cloud to help them cut costs and achieve greater accessibility from any location or device. So why choose our secure private cloud solutions rather than a public cloud solution? Our private cloud solutions are more complex and entirely customized to your unique requirements. For those who need a wide range of connectivity options and unprecedented levels of reliability and performance, our private cloud solutions simply make the most sense.

Our industry-proven 99.999% service level agreements (SLA) means you can count on your environment to be up and running when you need it most. Plus, our 24-hour support staff is there to help you out whenever you need them. You can:

  • Choose from fully-managed vs. do-it-yourself
  • Select from a wide range of connectivity options
  • Leverage our custom deployments for more flexibility
  • Rest assured with enhanced security compared to public/commodity clouds

Our entire cloud infrastructure, including servers, storage, switch fabric, and security, will provide a stable, state-of-the-art computing environment that keeps you safe against all types of cybercrime. In fact, our private cloud solutions can be trusted because of:

  • Specialized geo-diverse Tier 4 audited data centers
  • Updated enterprise-class vendor supported hardware
  • Intelligent N+1 minimum redundant architecture
  • Built on VMware VCloud Enterprise Plus
  • Converged high density enterprise blade infrastructure
  • Enhanced redundant Tintri storage arrays
  • Unmatched 160+ GB advanced fiber network backbone

Invest in a private cloud solution that truly makes a measurable impact. Call (775) 284-4210 or email us at info@bluehatcyber.com to get started with our private cloud solutions.


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