Professional Networking Services

BlueHat Cyber specializes in networking solutions from Cisco, Dell, Brocade, Juniper, Arista and HP.

Network Design, Installation And Support

We work with our clients providing comprehensive networking services to optimize your existing network or strategically planning networking upgrades to future proof of your organization.

Can Your Network Meet The Needs Of Your Business?

Effective networking in the workplace is crucial to productivity, security, and connectivity between coworkers and clients. When it comes to technology, you also have to account for the infrastructure that connects your tools; if improperly set up, your network can do more harm than good.

An outdated, mismanaged network can be slow – lagging in terms of performance due to the number of devices connected and data traffic in transit. This is why it’s necessary to have an expertly designed, configured, and managed network in place.

BlueHat Cyber offers a wide range of networking solutions including upgrades, installation, testing, and management. Our team can handle a range of networking projects, in order to help you design, configure, and manage your network.

  • Network expansions (10gb, 40gb, 100gb)
  • Failover – resiliency – redundancy
  • Routing and switching
  • Network security
  • WAN optimization

We also provide services for both new and existing infrastructures, which includes:

  • Surveying the site to identify possible areas for improvement and more effective configurations
  • Testing and replacing faulty aspects of your network to improve performance
  • Rewiring IT infrastructure including networks, servers and other aspects of your system

Networking Services & Support

BlueHat Cyber offers relief from improperly configured networking that holds your business back. We help you maintain a clean and efficient IT infrastructure, giving your business the best configuration for ease of use and further business success.

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