Managed SOC Services & SOC-as-a Service Solutions

An in-depth understanding of your environment, whether it’s cloud-based, on-premises or both, is vital to being able to respond effectively to threats.

As threats continue to rise, especially those aiming to steal data and/or money from organizations, businesses need to be more prepared than ever before. 82% of cloud users have experienced some type of security threat resulting from confusion over who is responsible for securing the environment.

Whether you’re running an environment that’s cloud-based, on-premises or a mixture of both, you need to make sure you’re taking the right precautions to keep cybercriminals out.

BlueHat Cyber Provides Managed SOC Services For Organizations Across The United States

A SIEM is a great start – giving you visibility into each and every security product and/or control in place, but there’s an even more efficient method.

BlueHat Cyber provides SOC-as-a-service (SOCaaS) wherein we give you a set of people, technologies, and processes to analyze data from your information systems. Call (775) 210-0819 or email us at info@bluehatcyber.com to learn more.

SOC, also known as security operations center, combines people, technologies, and processes to receive and analyze reports or logs from your information systems – allowing you to rest assured that any potential threat coming in will be identified and remediated before the hacker can complete their mission.

If you’ve already invested in a SIEM, this is a great way to make sure you’re getting a return on that investment because you get an additional team that includes:

  • Skilled Security Analysts as an extension of your team
  • Certified Threat Hunters & Forensic Specialists
  • Incident Response Services

You might be wondering… Why go beyond investing in a SIEM?

A SIEM is a great start, but you need the behavioral analysis side to aid in breach detection efforts. For the average company, a SIEM might work well because there aren’t many threats to triage, but in a larger company, SOC services give you that additional layer wherein you know that no matter how many critical and high alerts come up, they’re all handled immediately.

A SOC-as-a-service will give you additional capabilities, such as:

  1. Advanced Threat Intelligence
  2. Vulnerability Management
  3. Correlation Rule Development

This goes above and beyond the traditional detection and response capabilities when you’re leveraging a managed SIEM – giving you peace of mind knowing threats are handled regardless of source, time of day, and type of attack.

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