Security breaches are happening more than ever before. Whether it’s a ransomware incident, extortionware, phishing, cryptojacking or another form of malware, cybercriminals around the world are finding more ways to penetrate networks, of all sizes. Even if you’ve enforced security controls throughout your environment, a security incident can still happen. Some of the most well-equipped companies have experienced security breaches, despite having enterprise technology controls in place. Some of the large corporations known for experiencing a security breach were:

While prevention is key, you must prepare your organization for the possibility of security breach. The threat landscape is evolving quickly and it’s important to have an incident response plan in place. Why? Because some actions after a security breach can do more harm than good. The process needs to be systematically handled to avoid unnecessary costs and reputational damage.

How Do Incident Response Services Help Minimize the Impact of a Security Breach?

When you’re responding to an incident, your number one priority needs to be minimizing the impact of further loss, cost and reputation. Our team of incident response investigators will help you do exactly that as we:

  • Use a range of forensic procedures, such as log analysis, network and systems forensics, advanced malware analysis, and security intelligence to determine the root cause, timeline, and extent of the security breach.
  • Provide management support and communications to ensure your entire team of executives are in-the-know in terms of the breach investigation and any recommendations in terms of minimizing operational impact.
  • Create a comprehensive report that outlines the investigation’s findings, as well as any recommendations for avoiding future security breaches based on the issues and/or behaviors we’ve observed.

As a part of the breach notification law, we will also work with you to report the security incident to local, state, and federal agencies.

You can depend on our team to thoroughly analyze event log files and any other digital evidence we have for the purpose of figuring out the exact cause – from ransomware incidents to employees getting phished to disgruntled employees our incident response team is on call.

When you’re in the unfortunate situation of needing breach response services, call us at (775) 284-4210 or email: info@bluehatcyber.com for help. BlueHat Cyber has the experience and tools required to thoroughly investigate and resolve the situation.


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