BlueHat Cyber’s All-In-One Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Have Got You Covered

Data backup, data restoration, and disaster recovery capabilities are at the center of an ongoing conversation where your IT is concerned. Your data is your most valuable – and most vital – asset, which means protecting it from any and all potential threats is a must.

So what are you supposed to do when your budget flat out does not allow for secondary site or offsite data storage?

BlueHat Cyber has got you covered.

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BlueHat Cyber offers a cost-effective, fully managed, all-in-one approach to backup, recovery automation, and cloud continuity. Benefits include:

  • Fully integrated solution with cloud storage and DRaaS (Data Recovery as a Service)
  • Linux appliance hardened against ransomware
  • All-in-one solution with optimized OS and SW
  • Integrated, automated testing tools
  • Predict hardware failures
  • Premium DRaaS with 1-hour & 24-hour service level agreements (SLA)

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