BlueHat Cyber Services Roadmap

Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management (quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly)checkcheckcheckcheck check
Enterprise anti-viruscheckcheckcheckcheck check
Basic reportingcheckcheck check
Application whitelistingcheck check
Device control (remote USB lockout) check check
Compliance reporting check check
Enterprise DNS Protection
Predictive security on all devicescheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Prevent malware, phishing and C2 callbackscheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Enforces acceptable use policiescheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Block malicious domain threats (DNS and IP layer)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Identify targeted attackscheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Real-time, enterprise wide activity searches and reportingcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Managed Security Information and Event Management
Security, order network, and DMZ device logscheckcheckcheck check
Threat intelligencecheckcheckcheck check
Monthly reportingcheckcheckcheck check
Server and service availabilitycheckcheck check
Network intrusion detection)checkcheck check
Database log collectioncheckcheck check
Vulnerability testingcheck check
Host IDScheck check
Wireless IDScheck check
Host configuration testingcheck check
File integrity monitoringcheck check
Security incident responsecheck check
Risk mitigationcheck check
Compliance reportingcheck check
Enterprise Managed DNs
DDOS attack protectioncheckcheckcheckcheck check
DNS reportingcheckcheckcheckcheck check
Globally distributed DNScheckcheckcheck check
Charged by QPMcheckcheckcheckcheck check
Traffic reportingcheck check
Server Management
Downtime responsecheckcheckcheckcheck check
OS patches and updatescheckcheckcheckcheck check
Health monitoringcheckcheckcheckcheck check
Service monitoringcheckcheckcheckcheck check
Security/vulnerability scanning)checkcheck check
Server optimizationcheckcheck check
Exchange / email system monitoringcheckcheck check
SQLmonitoringcheckcheck check
24/7 critical supportcheck check
Storage managementcheck check
OS hardeningcheck check
Performance optimizationcheck check
Blacklist monitoring and managementcheck check
Website monitoringcheck check
Network Management
Network monitoring SNMP, Netflow* and sFlow*checkcheckcheckcheck check
IOS and firmware patch managementcheckcheckcheckcheck check
Connectivity troubleshooting and monitoringcheckcheck check
Troubleshooting and problem resolutioncheckcheck check
Performance and availability managementcheckcheck check
Network utilization capacity managementcheck check
Preventive notification, trend and root cause analysischeck check
Bandwidth utilization and QOS managementcheck check
ISP circuit and outage managementcheck check
Enterprise ticketing portalcheckcheckcheckcheck check
Executive summary reportscheckcheckcheckcheck check
Performance summary reportscheckcheck check
Detailed performance reportscheck check
Utilization reports for capacity planningcheck check
Uptime statistic reportscheck check
Compliance Reporting check
Compliance Auditing and Monitoring
Configuration monitoring and management check
File integrity monitoring check
Activity monitoring and management check
Change monitoring and management check
Compliance auditing and reporting check

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