Server Management

We manage day-to-day server operations. We assure your systems are updated, backed up and performing optimally. Downtime is reduced by monitoring server health checks and eliminate performance problems by applying critical updates to protect from software bugs or security issues that impact your services.

Phase 1 2 3 4 5
Server Management
Downtime response check check check check check
OS patches and updates check check check check check
Health monitoring check check check
Service monitoring check check
Security/vulnerability scanning check check
Server optimization check check
Exchange / email system monitoring check
SQL monitoring check
24/7 critical support check
Storage management check
OS hardening check
Performance optimization check
Blacklist monitoring and management check
Website monitoring check


  • Downtime response: Skilled engineers respond to outage events to minimize impact.

  • OS patches and updates: Fully verified and tested policy based patching and vulnerability updates.

  • Health monitoring: Proactive health monitoring of critical servers to ensure maximum availability and performance of your business systems.

  • Service monitoring: Granular service level monitoring of critical application services to ensure service delivery.

  • Security/vulnerability scanning: Multi-faceted audits of operating system and software vulnerabilities.

  • Server optimization: Optimize servers for ideal performance and reliability based on published best practices guidelines.

  • Exchange / email system monitoring: Specialized monitoring for Exchange mail systems including Database Availability Groups.

  • SQL monitoring: Performance and availability monitoring for SQL database servers.

  • 24/7 critical support: 24/7 response to critical outages.

  • Storage management: Maintenance and management of SAN and NAS systems.

  • OS hardening: Security hardening of server operating systems.

  • Blacklist monitoring and management: Real-time monitoring of over 100 known email blacklists to ensure mail flow and messaging availability.

  • Website monitoring: Monitor corporate web presence for availability and scheduled vulnerability scans.

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