Reporting systems are critical to ensure the integrity of your information systems and for compliance purposes. Regular status reporting highlights potential problem areas, resource restrictions and other performance metrics that can impact the operation of your business.

Phase 1 2 3 4 5
Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management
Executive summary reports check check check check check
Executive summary reports check check check check check
Performance summary reports check check check
Detailed performance reports check check
Utilization reports for capacity planning check check
Uptime statistic reports check check
Compliance Reporting check


  • Enterprise ticketing portal: The portal is used for issue logging, tracking and reporting. Access to our service management portal to ensure any reported issues are remediated and SLA targets are met.
  • Executive summary reports: Executive summary reports are tailored for C-Level management for at-a-glance status information.
  • Performance summary reports: Reports designed to highlight monitored systems performance statistics and point out potential problem areas.
  • Detailed performance reports: Detailed reports highlighting potential problems and areas of improvement.
  • Utilization reports for capacity planning: Performance “what-if” scenarios based on historical performance statistics to forecast future resource needs based evidence rather than guesswork.
  • Uptime statistic reports: Uptime statistical reporting allows for
    isolating problem areas and SLA tracking.
  • Compliance reporting: Detailed, prebuilt reporting for PCI-DSS,HIPAA, FISMA, CJIS, and many more to ease the reporting burdens of compliance.

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