Our Managed Services

Our managed services are designed to remotely support, monitor, protect and optimize your information technology infrastructure twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Depending on the level of service selected for your company, your managed service package may include some or all of the following services.

Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management

Endpoint Management and Security provides fast, effective, and scalable protection from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks. It allows quick identification and lock down of all endpoints to prevent unauthorized use of removable devices or ports, and stops unknown applications from being installed and executed.

Phase 1 2 3 4 5
Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management(quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly) check check check check check
Enterprise anti-virus check check check check check
Basic reporting check check check
Application whitelisting check check
Device control (remote USB lockout) check check
Compliance reporting check check


  • Vulnerability management: Reduces security incidents and strengthens your security posture by programmatically managing your Patch and Remediation process across your entire network, and by ensuring standardized configurations across all assets, including infrequently connected endpoints.

  • Enterprise anti-virus: Ensures complete protection against known malware, including viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and adware. Our advanced endpoint solution monitors the entire cyber- attack chain to give us complete visibility into advanced endpoint attacks including non-malware threats and zero-days. Our optional EDR solution enables our SecOps team to rapidly quarantine the device without physical onsite intervention, and capture attack intelligence.

  • Basic reporting: Executive summary reporting and baseline systems status reporting generated.

  • Application whitelisting: Eliminates unknown or unwanted applications in your network, reducing the risk and operational cost of malware, and ultimately improving network stability. Defends against unwanted or malicious applications, including protection against zero-day malware and sophisticated memory-based attacks.

  • Device control (remote USB lockout): Centrally controls and enforces security policies regarding use of removable devices (e.g., USB flash drives) and media (e.g., DVDs / CDs) to prevent data loss and theft, thwart malware intrusion, and protect data via encryption.

Included and required in ALL LEVELS OF SERVICE.

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