Are You Looking for Professionals that Deliver Comprehensive, Enterprise-level IT Care?

Serious IT Management and Supplemental IT Management for Large Corporations

The BlueHat team provides enterprise-level IT support. Leveraging a customized array of top-end IT solutions, we provide remote and on-site support to ensure the optimal function of the core and critical infrastructure of our clients’ IT environment.

  • Live Monitoring – Operational and Security
  • Proactive Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Fixed Monthly Budgeted Payments

By outsourcing your enterprise IT management to professionals who utilize NOC and SOC solutions that are also used by the DOD and industry giants like Cisco, you can have confidence that everything is in the right hands.

  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Storage Management
  • Endpoint Management

Does BlueHat Provide Complete and Co-Managed IT Management Offerings?

Yes. Whether you need to outsource all your IT management or are looking for IT professionals who can step in and support your internal IT organization, we can help.

What IT Assets and Functions Does BlueHat Manage?

  • Server Management
  • Virtualization Management
  • Email Setup, Migrations, and Management
  • Firewall Configuration and Management
  • SAN/NAS Implementation and Management
  • Network Management
  • Wireless Network Management
  • Device Security
  • Life Cycle and Licensing Management
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management

Does BlueHat Work with Internal IT Organizations to Accomplish Pro-Growth Projects?

Yes, we provide IT project support. Our IT specialists are at the top of their respective fields, and we are glad to be able to provide high-level expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.

  • IT project support, implementation, or management
  • Migrations design and implementation
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consulting, implementation, and management
  • Outsourced CIO Services
  • Compliance Management
  • Comprehensive IT Forecasting and Mapping
  • Network Implementation and Management
  • Cloud Migration / Implementation and Management
  • Cybersecurity Consulting and Management


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