We accomplish this by utilizing our unique five-phase framework, which maximizes overall system security, health and uptime for your technology assets. Our mission is to optimize the performance of your mission-critical infrastructure so your company can focus on its core competencies.

and business growth. We believe that IT management requires fundamental information security tools, expertise and real-time monitoring to help mitigate common security threats and real-time updated security intelligence to stay ahead of the threat landscape that is constantly evolving on a daily basis. Our platforms and methodologies provide the real-time monitoring and threat intelligence required to keep your digital assets safe.

The SHIELD services are organized into five levels or phases. Each phase is designed to build on the next in a continual evolution of protection over your assets. While the first phase of services will provide an essential and baseline protection, later phases provide even greater levels of monitoring, reporting and intervention to provide layers of protection for every one of your assets from routers to workstations and everything in between. While no security solution is 100% effective or can guarantee that a breach will not occur, the platforms we deploy will help mitigate most cyber breach attempts.


  • Proactive Services – Comprehensive monitoring, auditing and logging to remediate issues before problems arise

  • Best Practice Driven – Worldwide industry standards for enterprise IT

  • Automated and Reliable – Cutting edge enterprise-class tools and processes minimize risk

  • Site Assessment – Thorough review of critical technology infrastructure, systems and network security policies to better leverage your technology investments

  • Enterprise Class SOC – Comprehensive 24/7 Security Operations Center for real-time visibility

  • Status Reporting – Comprehensive reporting and multiple KPI dashboards to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability

  • Advanced Security Intelligence – Access to real-time security threat analysis and indicators of compromise


  • Reliability – Measurably high levels of uptimes for managed on-premise equipment

  • Security Analytics – Real-time security analytics to minimize threats with real-time security intelligence tracking the latest threats from all over the world

  • Consistency – Change management, version controls, and installing required applications, patches, and updates all lead to high levels of consistency and availability

  • Productivity – Reduced downtime leads to higher levels of productivity

  • Cost Management and Control – Increase the life of technology assets through proper management

  • Performance – Ensure proper configuration and maintenance to maximize performance

  • Managed Expansion and Growth – Historic resource and performance consumption statistics to assist in long-range planning and growth

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