Add Cloud Object Storage to Veeam


The scale‐out backup repository is a logical grouping of storage extents which provides flexibility and scale-ability in defining a backup target. One or more backup repositories can be used as extents for the scale‐out backup repository, Object repository is used for S3‐compatible storage. This repository is unique in that it provides a capacity tier for the scale‐out backup repository which can be used to archive backup chains to more economic storage.

This guide covers how to create Object Storage repository in Veeam connected to the SiliconSky Cloud Object Storage.

Note – To leverage the immutability capabilities, SiliconSky will need to be notified so that the feature can be enabled on Cloud Object Storage.

1. Creating the Object Storage repository

  • Open the Veeam Backup & Replication console and navigate to the “Backup Infrastructure” view.
  • Right click the “Backup repositories” and choose “Add backup repository”
  • Select “Object Storage” 
  • Choose S3 compatible storage.
  • In the New Backup Repository wizard, name the Object Repository
  • The information is available on the SiliconSky Cloud Object storage portal
  • Inset the connectivity information, as shown in SiliconSky Cloud Object Storage portal (API Endpoint, Region, Credentials).
  • n the bucket section, select the bucket you have created earlier, along with the backup folder (a folder can be created directly from the wizard context). You can check and set the consumption limit and Check the “Make recent backups immutable for: X days” if you wish to protect recent backups from modification or deletion by ransomware, malicious activity.
  • Click Next, review the configuration, and finish the Object Storage backup repository.
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