Managed Detection And Response Services

With specialized security resources in high demand and very costly, it makes sense for most organizations to hire a dedicated IT security company to help develop their security strategy, while leveraging our trained resources.

Do You Need Someone To Manage Your IT Security?

The math is fairly simple. On the one hand, you can hire, train, and managing a team of employees. On the other hand, you’re paying a single monthly fee to outsource all of your IT security.

Which do you think is more cost-effective?

Don’t DIY Your IT Security – Get Managed Detection And Response Services

Can your organization handle the demands of IT security all on your own?

In theory, it’s entirely possible that, if you’ve invested in the right technologies and have the right skill set.

You would oversee your own installations, management, maintenance, and everything else that comes with operating a secure and robust business IT security environment.

But, if we’re being honest… that’s a big if.

When it comes to protecting against the ongoing, evolving cybersecurity threats in play today, managing an IT security program is, understandably, a tall order. That’s why it usually doesn’t work.

If fact, it takes most businesses up to 6 months to find out that they’ve experienced a data breach.

Enlist An Expert Team To Manage Your Cybersecurity

The good news is that you don’t have to handle IT security on your own – you can choose Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services from BlueHat Cyber. MDR is an outsourced service that provides organizations with incident response (IR), threat hunting, along with forensics and analysis services, responding to threats once they are discovered.

MDR fully manages your cybersecurity defense, both keeping an eye out for threats, as well as providing the expert team to address them when they occur.

What Do Managed Detection And Response Services Do?

  • Threat Detection: MDR performs a series of vital functions including analyzing the types of risks that your organization may be exposed to. This can help you determine precisely what the most critical threats are.
  • Faster Response: MDR helps you fully understand exactly which cybersecurity threats you face, allowing you to act before a breach occurs. You can take action today and avoid a nightmare tomorrow. With MDR, you can quickly assess your company’s level of security and take action right away.
  • Threat Prevention: Proactive monitoring applies proven rules to your security system, deliver a higher level of breach management.
  • Confident Data Security: MDR allows you to take back control of your data security. It’s a reliable system that focuses on one thing – preventing cyber breaches from occurring.

MDR gives you both the capability to better defend your business, as well as the expert support that you need to manage it. It’s a robust cybersecurity service that allows you to quickly respond and defend your organization.

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