Effective corporate cybersecurity focuses on layered protection, access control, and stringent endpoint security measures.

Cybersecurity – Building a Multi-Layered Fortress Around Your Business

Cybersecurity is more than just a solution to stop threats and protect data – it’s a comprehensive and complex collection of both digital and physical protective measures designed to overlap one another to reduce vulnerabilities and weak points in your network. Your technology infrastructure is made up of many moving parts, creating security challenges unique to your business. Your cybersecurity solution needs to be just as unique to keep you fully protected.

Your enterprise IT security strategy shouldn’t take a shotgun approach to your protection. Instead, your cybersecurity consultants should be able to show you how each element they are putting in place is effective in guarding assault vectors commonly leveraged by lone wolf criminals, cybercrime syndicates, and even rogue nation-states.

Our SHIELD five-phase framework allows us to adapt our corporate cybersecurity offerings to suit your requirements by starting with a solid security baseline and building on to of that foundation to ensure that every aspect of your network and infrastructure is taken into consideration along the way. On-site servers, computers, wired and wireless networks, cloud-based applications, data access, and mobile devices – each aspect of your IT environment must be taken into consideration in the IT security planning process and addressed in a holistic manner.

Corporate Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Readiness Includes Your Employees.

Taking into account the way your staff uses technology and interacts with your data helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your cybersecurity measures.

Added to these precautions is a necessary cybersecurity awareness training for your employees. Did you know that the majority of cyber intrusions that are successful happen because an employee clicked on or opened something they shouldn’t have?

End-to-end protection is what gives corporate cybersecurity solutions an edge over today’s threats.

Features of a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Vulnerability Management – Reduces security incidents and strengthens your security posture by ensuring standardized configurations across all assets, including infrequently connected endpoints.
  • Enterprise Anti-virus – Ensures complete protection against known malware, including viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, and adware.
  • Application Whitelisting – Defends against unwanted or malicious applications, including protection against zero-day malware and sophisticated memory-based attacks.
  • Device Control (Remote USB Lockout) – Centrally controls and enforces security policies regarding use of removable devices (e.g., USB flash drives) and media (e.g., DVDs / CDs) to prevent data loss and theft, thwart malware intrusion, and protect data via encryption.
  • Predictive Security Analytics – Identify bad domains, IPs, and malware before they execute on any device anywhere.
  • AUP Enforcement – Prevent people on the network from circumventing the firewall and accessing unauthorized sites.
  • Malicious Domain Request and Response Blocking – Helps stops malware before it reaches your network or endpoints.
  • Targeted Attack Identification – Statistically scores domains and IPs to detect known and emerging threats.
  • Real-time, Enterprise-Wide Activity Searches and Reporting – Provides visibility into all user activity on devices on or off the network.

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