Policy and Practices to Keep Your Data Safe

Regulations, Compliance, and IT Security in the 21st Century

Today’s world moves fast. Regulations and compliance standards change to keep up with ever-evolving cyber-threats and changes in legislation. It’s a lot for any enterprise to keep up with. Internal IT departments are swamped with day-to-day user issues and just don’t have the time to stay abreast of fluctuating compliance issues.

Your corporation has to keep data and client information safe. That’s why we offer SHIELD, the very best in IT Service Management and Cyber Security Solutions.

The simple truth is that without a cybersecurity strategy that addresses all potential concerns, you cannot meet the spirit and letter of compliance mandates.

SHIELD Yourselves from Today’s Threats with BlueHat Cyber

Our SHIELD services are the very best option you have to protect your technology assets. We will enable you to maximize your overall business security, health, and uptime by leveraging industry-leading protection that includes:

  • Proactive Services with comprehensive monitoring, auditing, and logging to remediate issues before they become problems.
  • Industry Standards that are up to date with the latest requirements for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other Industry Regulation Compliance.
  • Automated and Reliable Tools to minimize your risk and interruptions
  • Site Assessments with a deep look at your at-risk technology infrastructure, systems, and policies to ensure that your business technology foundation is strong and up to date
  • A 24/7 Security Operations Center that allows us real-time visibility into your systems and notifies of any issues the instant they occur
  • Status Reporting with clear, easy to use dashboards for your business to review the performance and reliability of your systems.

These features along with the more complex solutions that we employ, offer your business the very best when it comes to reliability and security. Let us take care of your corporation’s security and IT maintenance, management, and monitoring, so you and your employees can focus on your pro-growth agenda.

A Strong Foundation Today for Growth Tomorrow

On top of our SHIELD security, we also offer completely customizable Managed IT Services for your enterprise. Our industry-leading, licensed professionals harness the following services and more to protect and optimize your information technology infrastructure continuously.

  • Endpoint Security and Vulnerability Management
  • Enterprise DNS Protection
  • Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • Enterprise Managed DNS
  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Reporting and Logs
  • Compliance Auditing and Monitoring

Without these IT security measures, legislative and industry compliance are simply impossible.

Why Choose BlueHat Cyber?

It’s true. You do have a lot of options. We like to think that what we offer puts us well ahead of the pack.

  • We focus strictly on Enterprise-Class IT Services. We aren’t here to just put some anti-virus software on your PCs, throw up a firewall, and call it a day. We examine all aspects of your corporation’s IT requirements and custom-design IT solutions to meet the challenges you face.
  • We own our data centers and have the equipment needed to provide you with complete end-to-end control. This helps you avoid the risk that comes with using third-party vendors.
  • Our people and solutions are the very best. They are used by the DOD, DHS, Cisco, and many Fortune 500 companies to keep their infrastructure up and secure.

Need More Information?

Give us a call for a free assessment. We’ll listen to your requirements and draft a customized plan to fit your corporation’s objectives.

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