With the evolving threat landscape, it’s no longer optional to have a security assessment performed on your people, your network, and your web applications. Even with security controls in place weaknesses do exist. A comprehensive penetration test is the best way to uncover those weaknesses before someone else does.

When Was The Last Time A Security Assessment Was Performed?

Industry best practices and regulation requires a penetration test yearly. Before you can make the kinds of proactive changes needed to enhance your IT security controls, you need to know where your vulnerabilities are. Having a team of trained IT security professionals assess your security controls will give you a complete picture of your current IT security posture. By exposing everything from system misconfigurations, vulnerabilities in your people, to missed security updates, we can help you build a security roadmap.

Vulnerabilities can exist across all types of hardware and software. In fact, that’s what makes a network security assessment so important—you never know just where your biggest weaknesses are.

BlueHat Cyber’s Penetration Testing Services focus on four types of testing:

External or Internal Penetration Testing – We look for vulnerabilities both inside of and outside of your network, including IPs and internal systems that are exposed externally, both physical and virtual. This includes unsecured wireless connections, exposed and unsecured workstations, and easily accessible Ethernet ports.

Social Engineering Testing – Email phishing, telephone vishing, USB drops, and other methods are commonly used by hackers to obtain passwords and other important details. We will test your staff’s ability to recognize these tactics by attempting to “hack” your business using these common methods. Testing your team is the best way to determine their level of cybersecurity awareness.

Application Testing – By evaluating your applications – including custom developed web applications on-premise or in cloud environments – along with unauthenticated and authentication testing, we can uncover potential security flaws that leave apps and the data they contain open to exploit.

Physical Security – Similar to External or Internal penetration testing, we address your business’ physical security by assessing your locations, employees, and various types of office environments to determine the likelihood of unauthorized access.

The results of these four types of Penetration Testing on your organization will give you a clear view of your current security posture. You can’t address vulnerabilities you aren’t aware exist.

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