BlueHat Cyber, Inc., Acquired by Silicon Sky

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – October 17, 2022- Rua Associates is pleased to announce the successful sale of BlueHat Cyber, Inc., to Silicon Sky.

BlueHat Cyber is a cloud hosting, information, and cybersecurity consulting services firm providing professional and managed cybersecurity services for large and small companies across the U.S. and Canada. Current industries served include manufacturing, gaming/casinos and construction

Silicon Sky is a specialist IT infrastructure product and service provider headquartered in South Africa with a broad range of offerings, specializing in computing, network, storage, security, backup and disaster recovery.

Brenton Halsted, Silicon Sky co-founder and CEO, cited Blue Hat Cyber’s loyal customer base, longevity, and strong reputation as reasons for the acquisition. He also noted that the two companies provide the same services but in different geographical markets.

“The companies had a lot in common,” Halsted said. “They have been in operation for a similar amount of time and had been through the same journey providing managed and infrastructure services. Both companies have benefited from cloud adoption and providing the necessary services to meet this requirement. “This further strengthens Silicon Sky’s position in the infrastructure-as-a-service market and bolsters Silicon Sky’s cybersecurity portfolio.”

Silicon Sky will invest to hire staff and upgrade infrastructure to provide additional performance and scalability to meet customers’ needs. The companies’ infrastructure platforms on the east and west coasts of the U.S. will be expanded to allow organizations to host on either side of the U.S. and have redundancy across the regions.

BlueHat Cyber co-owner and co-founder Tim Averill said the acquisition will allow the company to grow, which he didn’t feel was possible previously. He also feels the two companies are a natural fit.

“They’re very similar in the way they evolved. Technologically, it was almost like we were identical companies, just in a different bubble, different environment. Like your ‘brother from another mother’ kind of thing.“

BlueHat Cyber was assisted in the transaction by Nick Good and the Rua Associates team. “We always enjoy matching buyers and sellers up in a true strategic acquisition, both domestically and internationally, as was the case here.” Good said. “Tim and his partner were very intentional about choosing a buyer that had the right cultural and strategic fit. I’m excited to see how the companies can grow together, and I’m glad we were able to close another transaction for one of our clients that allows them to transition the business feeling certain that it is in good hands.”

About BlueHat Cyber, Inc.

Founded in 2006 as solely a Managed Service Provider, BlueHat Cyber evolved to include Cloud Service and Managed Security Services as well. It has also created its own cloud platform, a service uncommon among Managed Service Providers. It addresses the complete cybersecurity lifecycle, enabling clients to plan, design, integrate, operate and optimize their IT security and technology investments. For more information on BlueHat Cyber, visit

About Silicon Sky

Founded in 2009, Silicon Sky is a global, specialist IT infrastructure product and service provider with locations in South Africa, Atlanta, and Grand Rapids. The company has enterprise-grade Managed Cloud Platforms co-located in multiple-carrier data centers. It supplies and manages IT infrastructure hardware, software and services to organizations of all sizes by partnering with best-of-breed vendors to deliver the best possible solutions. For more information on Silicon Sky, visit

About Rua Associates

Rua Associates is a distinguished mergers and acquisition service provider headquartered in West Michigan and serves clients throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Their passion is discerning and exceeding client expectations through successful and timely business transactions. Rua Associates offers a complete array of professional buy and sell-side business brokerage services to a

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