Effective Cybersecurity Techniques For Every Business

MDR integrates technology with human analysis to offer companies a better way to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. Here’s why MDR is the approach every business needs.  

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a cybersecurity service that provides in-depth threat detection and response. According to Gartner, the specialized service appeared on the scene in 2016 as a solution for organizations wanting to improve their ability to determine threats and respond to issues quickly and efficiently.

The difference between MDR and MSSP

For companies that do not maintain their own IT or security staff, Managed Security Service Providers serve as a third-party solution to help manage security issues, tech support, and a variety of other services. So how does the cybersecurity provided by an MSSP differ from the MDR?

While not all MSSPs are created equal, most use a combination of hardware and software to monitor network security and alert your company to any potential threats or anomalies. It is up to your team, or your service provider, however, to wade through the enormous amount of alerts received daily and determine if they are false or if they represent a real threat. MSSPs are typically not equipped to perform in-depth analysis or research to determine if a threat needs to be remedied. The result is Alert fatigue, as well as missed threats and unnoticed gaps in the company’s overall cybersecurity.

MSSPs do play a significant role in managed service, however, a role that flows nicely with Managed Detection and Response.

MDR providers offer threat hunting services, meaning they take a deep dive into not only detecting but researching and analyzing threats. This approach allows them to then offer more comprehensive and strategic remediation. Whether you have an in-house IT team or outsource to an MSSP, the use of Detection and Response eliminates alert fatigue and provides your company with 24/7, dedicated security analysis and support.

Why MDR is a More Effective Cybersecurity Solution

MDR bridges the gap that many companies face between their organization and the availability of skilled security support. Managed Detection and Response not only provides companies of all shapes and sizes with needed threat detection and remediation, the service itself includes a more comprehensive and impactful approach to cybersecurity.

MDR services combine technology with human analysis and threat intelligence to ensure no threat or potential threat is overlooked. Where software and hardware fails, specially trained analysts step in to continually monitor your endpoint, server, and network data. They even provide analytics and threat research, discovering the root of a cybersecurity threat, rather than simply dealing with the symptom.

With the cybersecurity skills shortage only increasing, Managed Detection and Response provides companies with the best-outsourced security solution. An overwhelming amount of companies—some 53%—feel that they are lacking the necessary skills on their team to keep their data safe from cyberthreats and attacks. More and more businesses are reaching out for support from an MDR, and the benefits are clear: decreased threats, faster response time, and limited downtime, resulting in overall cybersecurity cost savings.

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