NVIDIA GRID Reduces the Expenses of Architects’ & Engineers’ Workstations

One of the most cost-prohibitive parts of running an architecture or engineering firm is the technology required to do your work. AutoCAD, Revit, and other modeling software are extremely resource-intensive, and so, you can’t get away with having your staff just bring in their laptop from home.

That’s why, for years, operating a firm like yours called for capital investment in technology amounting to thousands of dollars per architect or engineer that you had on staff – but today? There’s a more cost-effective way to go about it.

Introducing NVIDIA GRID – Virtualize Your Workstations

Virtual desktops are not a new concept, but the architecture and engineering industries are still catching up to the benefits of using them. The virtual desktop virtualizes what’s on your computer. When you use a virtual desktop, all of your icons, wallpaper, folders, toolbars, etc. are stored remotely on a server rather than on your computing device.

While for many industries, the main benefit of virtualization is the increased access to data, for a firm like yours, the key here is that you can drastically cut the costs of running your firm when you compare the cost of virtualization with the cost of buying workstations outright. Depending on the workstation in question, you stand to save thousands of dollars for every architect or engineer on your staff.

How Does NVIDIA GRID Work?

Essentially, NVIDIA GRID allows you to outsource the computing resources your firm relies on to run robust modeling software like AutoCAD and Revit. The computing power you need is accessed on BlueHat Cyber’s servers, which we manage to make sure they’re up to date, secure, and operating properly.

Beyond the cost savings, using NVIDIA GRID provides a range of additional benefits for your firm:

  • Increased Security: Relying on an ICA connection, no data is bound to your platform or put at risk by being stored at your location. Furthermore, with virtual access from any authorized location (secured by Multi-Factor Authentication), you don’t have to share files over third parties like DropBox. Users can securely access from work, from home, or from wherever else they need to.
  • Business Continuity: If an onsite workstation goes down, an architect or engineer could be waiting for a fix for days. With NVIDIA GRID, we keep the session information active, and they just reconnect with another computer, Chromebook, or another device.
  • Increased Speeds: While you may assume that outsourcing your computing resources would add a delay to processing speeds, the opposite is true. Our datacenter network is faster than your on-premise network, which means working with large files is much more efficient.

Revolutionize Your Architecture Or Engineering Firm

The bottom line is that working with NVIDIA and BlueHat Cyber is more cost-effective, secure, and efficient than your current on-premise set-up.

What are you waiting for?

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