6 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to Next-Generation Firewall Protection

Six reasons you need to upgrade to next-generation firewall protection with BlueHat, the leaders of managed security services for companies in the United States.  

Are you ready for better cybersecurity? One of those measures your company can take is to invest in next-generation firewall protection (NGFW). This type of firewall protection goes way beyond what traditional firewall protection can do. Old school firewall protection does a primary job of monitoring network traffic to prevent security breaches from occurring. Next-generation firewall protection does that but goes much further to secure your network from advanced malware attacks, and more profound problems that underlying security can ultimately miss. It definitely will pay off to upgrade your system to the most advanced protection you can get.

Here are six reasons you need to upgrade to next-generation firewall protection with BlueHat. We are the leading providers of managed security services for companies all over the United States.

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Reason #1: Better Breach Security

Preventing security breaches from happening is vital to have a network system that is secure and effective for your company. Your cyber safety is important for the success of your business. Ginni Rometty, the President and CEO of IBM, said that “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” She’s right.

The way that next-generation firewall protection works are by identifying the sources of the breaches before they can attack your system. It has advanced built-in tools to stop threats from materializing. By constantly analyzing data across all files and through URL filtering, it can detect problems faster than old school firewalls, which might miss threats from more advanced and layered attacks.

Reason #2: Advanced Communication Across All Devices

Next-generation firewall protection works across all types of devices. It’s going to monitor activity for applications, websites, file transfers, and all hosts and networks. The more communication you have that spans all of your companies’ devices, the better you’ll be able to ward off cyber threats and attacks.

Reason #3: Built Specifically for Your Company

By having BlueHat install and create a next-generation firewall system for your company, it’s going to give you customized protection built specifically for your organization. The features you need are customized for your specific network of devices.

Reason #4: Faster Threat Detection

With advanced firewall protection threats are discovered lightning fast. While low-level protection with older firewalls used to be the best that cybersecurity had to offer, it’s not like that anymore. The next-generation firewall protection can locate problems in just seconds.

Old firewalls usually took 100-200 days to find and identify breaches. That’s just not good enough, and next-generation firewalls go above and beyond in terms of speed. It’s estimated that 2019 was one of the worst years on record for breach activity, according to Risk Based Security. In the year before that in 2018, 62 percent of businesses experienced some kind of cyber phishing attack. So faster threat detection is a must have.

Reason #5: Works More Effectively With All Security Tools

Your entire security structure will be able to communicate with your new next-generation firewall protection. It’s meant to integrate with all current systems and security tools. By being able to share data with all of your systems, it’s going to update security tasks through all of your information constantly.

Reason #6: Basic Firewall Security Isn’t Enough

Cybersecurity issues require a multi-layered system to prevent problems and attacks. Only 5 percent of companies have folders that are protected, according to a report by Varonis in their 2019 annual global data risk report.

A basic firewall isn’t good enough to handle how advanced cyber-attacks have become in this modern age. Next-generation firewall protection is your solution to advanced information security. In other words, it’s front line defense at its finest.

If you have questions about precisely what BlueHat can do for your company’s cybersecurity issues with installing next-generation firewall protection, give us a call today. It’s time to upgrade. We are more than happy to optimize your IT security, so that you don’t have to worry about modern cyber threats compromising your business.

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