Same Day Incident Response

When the average cost savings with an incident response team is $14 per record, there’s something to be said about same day incident response services…

IBM found that the average cost savings with an incident response team compared to without an incident response team is $14 per record. So what’s the cost of a security breach per record in general? A shocking $148. Trust us, the cost savings of $14 per record adds up in the long-run. Now think about the fact that 30% of companies have over 1,000 sensitive folders that aren’t secure – open to virtually anyone and everyone. Scary, isn’t it? In today’s technology-dependent world, security breaches are becoming bigger than ever before. We’re all storing a massive amount of sensitive information, and at the same time, hackers are becoming more sophisticated and coordinated in their efforts.

Who Is at Risk of a Security Breach and Why Do They Need Same Day Incident Response Services?

The unfortunate answer: Everyone is at risk of a security breach. Hackers are highly motivated to steal sensitive information because it sells quickly on the dark web. If they manage to successfully attack a company and steal sensitive information, every single piece of data they’ve taken is valuable. Just take a look at the going rate for sensitive information on the dark web:

  • Social insurance numbers: $1 each
  • Credit or debit card details: $5 – $115 each
  • Online payment login information: $20 – $200 each
  • Passports: $1,000 each
  • Driver’s license: $25 each
  • Medical records $100 – $1,000 each

Every company, no matter the size or industry, holds something of value. Large enterprises store a ton of confidential information, but they tend to have stronger cybersecurity measures in place. So who becomes the next target? Small to midsize businesses that lack the resources, time, and budget to safeguard their information. It takes less time to hack 2-3 small to midsize businesses than it does one large enterprise.

Small to Midsize Businesses Account for 58% of Security Breach Victims – Meaning If You Don’t Have Same Day Incident Response Services, It’s Time to Make a Change.

The cost savings alone are worth investing in same-day incident response services, but more than that, it’s all about saving your reputation. When a security breach happens, responding quickly makes a world of difference in terms of maintaining customer trust and loyalty in the aftermath. Our team of incident response investigators will act quickly – on the same day the security breach is discovered – to ensure:

  1. We determine the root cause, timeline, and extent of the security breach via a range of forensic procedures, such as log analysis, network and systems forensics, advanced malware analysis, and security intelligence.
  2. We provide support to your entire team of executives – keeping them in-the-know with constant communication throughout the breach investigation and giving them recommendations to minimize the impact.
  3. We provide a comprehensive report that outlines the investigation’s findings, as well as any recommendations (and the cost associated with them) to avoid future security breaches from occurring.

We’ve been working with businesses on same day incident response for quite a while, which gives us the ability to think clearly and take action swiftly to mitigate the damage. In addition, we’re able to work with you to report the incident to local, state, and federal agencies in accordance with breach notification laws that apply. This means you don’t have to worry about figuring out what you need to do from a legal perspective – we’re well aware of the laws surrounding responding to security breaches.

Security Breaches Are Happening All Over the World Right Now – As You Read This. Prepare to Respond Properly with Same Day Incident Response Services. Call (775) 284-4210 Now.

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