Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complicated, with healthcare organizations bearing the brunt of the costs associated with these devastating attacks. Medical device security and third-party vendors are some of the critical risk factors that are being tracked by healthcare executives around the world. No business is truly immune from the threat of cyber attack, but healthcare operations are being targeted explicitly by cybercriminals interested in the treasure trove of information that can be found within these organizations. With the threat level rising and healthcare businesses falling prey to ransomware regularly, it is vitally important to put proactive cybersecurity measures in place in an attempt to stay one step ahead of hackers.

The Rising Costs of Ransomware

The threat of ransomware is one that hospitals and other healthcare organizations are taking seriously. Not only can hackers demand exorbitant sums to unlock critical operational systems, but there are the added costs associated with research and remediation of the problem as well as patient notification. Maintaining healthcare operations can be a matter of life or death, with medical practitioners entirely reliant on immediate access to medical histories, prescription information and allergies. While the ransom requested by hackers is moderate in monetary terms — generally under $100,000 even for healthcare operations — finding the leak and protecting the organization in the future can be dramatically more expensive.

Creating a Sustainable Cybersecurity Model

You know that your organization needs to attack the problem of cybersecurity aggressively, but getting the buy-in that you need can be a challenge. Finding time amidst other priorities is difficult while gaining funding can seem next to impossible as C-suite executives are unclear about the full picture of cyber attacks. Creating a sustainable cybersecurity strategy starts with developing a holistic plan that includes the entire lifecycle of your healthcare operations and data management processes, from gathering the initial patient information to capturing healthcare-related data points via a connected medical device and billing. Working with a proactive group of cybersecurity experts can help reduce the possibility of missteps during the planning phases while also providing an avenue to overcome the IT talent shortage that is plaguing organizations across the country.

Adopting an Aggressive Security Posture

Just as you protect patients physically while they are in your healthcare facility, you must also protect their crucial personal, financial and health-related information. This starts with ensuring that all data is aggregated and that integrations between various systems are clean and well-documented. When you get aggressive with the implementation of your cybersecurity protocols, you’re setting your organization up for success in the likely event of an attack. For many organizations, it’s no longer a question of “if” but rather “when” their organization will fall to cybercriminals. This makes quickly identifying an infiltration or ransomware and promptly shutting down other systems a critical step in your security processes.

Comprehensive Suite of Cybersecurity Applications

Organizations such as BlueHat Cyber specialize in protecting healthcare and other high-risk organizations from the threat of cyber attack by putting a five-phase system in place that provides extensive coverage in the event of an attack. This framework leaves nothing to chance, ensuring that you will have rapid access to the data and systems that your operations require. Data backup and disaster recovery solutions allow you to access integral information on-premise immediately or remotely, depending on the needs of your business. This enterprise-scale solution also includes reliable automation and threat intelligence to speed response times and allow remediation to begin immediately.

Your healthcare operations are not only the cornerstone of your business, but they also help protect the lives of countless individuals daily. Partner with a trusted solutions provider to ensure that you have immediate access to the tools and knowledge that will reduce the risks associated with poor cybersecurity practices. Contact the professionals at BlueHat Cyber today at 775-204-7132 to get started with a free initial IT cybersecurity consultation. You can always reach out online by filling out our quick form to schedule a conversation with our IT security experts.

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