Improve Your Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions With These 6 Strategies

BlueHat Cyber is a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in optimizing IT security. Here are important ways to improve enterprise cybersecurity.  

Enterprise cybersecurity solutions go well beyond traditional cybersecurity. It’s a method of protection that is meant to encompass larger systems of data between wireless devices and cloud servers. Plus, it also includes all of a company’s work stations, hardware, networks, and all on-premise structures. It’s vital to have this type of advanced cybersecurity protection because 29 percent of businesses each year are exposed to a security breach.

Having the proper plan in place to prevent these attacks is critical for the health and profitability of your company. BlueHat Cyber is a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in creating just the right solutions to optimize IT security. Our methods are all about advanced cyber intelligence. Here are important ways to improve your enterprise cybersecurity solutions with these six strategies.

Strategy #1: Enforce Best Case Passwords

When a company has an employee managed password system, it’s bound to create security problems if they aren’t done correctly. People can be very lazy about passwords. Make sure that your organization is enforcing best case password scenarios. This includes getting rid of weak passwords and updating to new passwords often. According to a study that Verizon did on data breaches in an investigative report, they found that 81 percent of the hacking violations could be attributed to ineffective passwords.

Strategy #2: Make Sure to Routinely Update

Make sure to update the security practices of the IT system regularly. This includes using a patch management process that will fix holes or problems in the IT system that could be vulnerable to hacking. Having the right IT cybersecurity firm, like BlueHat Cyber, which has a proprietary SHIELD framework with five phases that allows security risk to be assessed, and a backup plan to automatically be in place. It’s the best way to save and secure all corporate data structures.

Strategy #3: Perform Regular IT Risk Assessments

This is going to help a company stay on top of new risks and ransomware attacks that can occur at any time. Real time threat intelligence is necessary to combat this widespread problem. In just 2019 alone, according to Security Magazine, there were 151.9 million ransomware attacks and 7.2 billion malware attacks. Those numbers are only expected an increase in 2020.

Strategy #4: Develop a Secure Enterprise Architecture

To maintain security for an IT infrastructure, part of enterprise cybersecurity is making sure that the right systems are in place from the start. This includes fulfilling all internal and regulatory compliance practices. Having these best strategies in place from the beginning will allow fewer problems to be left up to chance because everything involving the IT systems will be outlined.

Strategy #5: Make Sure Third Party Providers are not Security Risks

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where an attack is coming from, considering that most hacking takes place in cyberspace. Your organization still needs to make sure that any third party involvement is also in line with your security needs. For example, a cloud backup provider needs to be as involved with risk management and security as your main framework is.

Strategy #6: Have the Right Security Barriers

Having the correct security in place also relates to physical security. You have to make sure that data breaches, theft, and device problems aren’t due to someone physically gaining access to your systems. Physical security is just as important as internal IT enterprise cybersecurity. Surveillance cameras, better locks, alarms, and even facial recognition are all elements that work together to prevent data loss.

BlueHat Cyber is an expert at all enterprise cybersecurity solutions. It’s just one of our many specializations involving managed IT services. If you have questions about what BlueHat can do for your organization’s cybersecurity, give us a call today for the best in enterprise IT level involvement. We’re happy to map out a plan, as we go over your existing cybersecurity strategies, to improve them for the future health of your company.

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