Here Are A Few reason Why You Need A (FREE) Vulnerability Scan

No matter how much you’ve invested in your cybersecurity, you can’t just assume it’s effective enough to protect you against cybercriminals. A key best practice for cybersecurity is to regularly test your measures to make sure they hold up in the event of an attack, and to identify any unseen vulnerabilities that are putting you at risk.

And the risks are significant…

Are You Sure You’re Protected Against Ransomware?

More than any other cybercrime threat, ransomware caused extensive damage to businesses around the globe last year. After all, 39% of malware-based data breaches worldwide were caused by ransomware in 2019. In the US alone, ransomware is extremely common:

And keep in mind, these attacks largely focused on the small business market. In almost half of all the cyber breaches that have occurred, a small business was the target. Consider these stats reported in Verizon’s Data Breach Report and Forbes:

  • 58% of all breaches in 2019 involved small businesses.
  • 43% of all breaches involved small businesses in 2019.
  • Ransomware attacks are still going strong, accounting for 24% of the malware incidents analyzed and is the #2 most-used malware type.

Have You Tested Your Cybersecurity?

By having an experienced IT security company examine your cybersecurity from top to bottom, you can verify the effectiveness of your cyber defenses. Unfortunately, not all third-party assessments are created equal. Some are virtually worthless, involving nothing more than a technician checking off items on a list:

  • Do you have a firewall in place?
  • Do you have an antivirus solution in place?
  • Is there a data backup in place?

And so on. While these are certainly all important aspects of a viable cybersecurity posture, checking them off a list is not enough on its own.

Test Your Cybersecurity

More than anything else, effective cybersecurity is about what you know. Does your staff know how to spot a phishing attempt? Do you understand the limits of your current cybersecurity defenses? It’s what you don’t know that will put you at the greatest risk.

BlueHat Cyber will help you figure out precisely what you don’t know with a FREE Vulnerability Scan. Get in touch with Doug Smith, (doug.smith@bluehatcyber.com) to claim yours right now.

BlueHat Cyber provides Vulnerability Scans to help you identify and remove unknown risks from the network. During a compromise assessment, we’ll:

  • Identify/detect advanced threats without modifying your security solution
  • Determine what areas of your security solution are lacking/allowing those threats in
  • Recommend a plan of action to resolve vulnerabilities and prevent future threats

If you want to determine exactly what you may be overlooking in your cybersecurity, BlueHat Cyber will help you do so – for free. Get in touch with Doug Smith, (doug.smith@bluehatcyber.com) to claim your Vulnerability Scan right now.

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