Make sure your IT consultant is aware of these important cybersecurity trends

When considering IT service and support providers, there’s one thing that should always be top of mind – cybersecurity. No matter the kind of IT support arrangement you’re looking for, the provider you choose must be able to provide strategic and informed cybersecurity consultation – whenever you need it. After all, what good is an optimized IT infrastructure if it isn’t proactively, strategically, and continually secured?

Cybersecurity Consultation

In fact, choosing to partner with a provider that prioritizes their security services over everything else is a smart move. When you invest in an IT provider whose specialty is proactive and strategic cybersecurity, the ongoing cybersecurity consultation you receive will be top of the line. But you’re probably wondering – how can you determine if a provider knows their stuff about cybersecurity? Don’t sweat it. We’ve created a quick guide explaining the top IT trends that your cybersecurity consultant should be aware of.

Informed Cybersecurity Consultation: Leading Trends to Be Aware Of

Today more than ever IT trends change fast and so do the IT solutions available to businesses. With such rapid-fire change happening, trying to keep a business network monitored and secured can seem like a never-ending and uphill battle. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a cybersecurity consultant who keeps a finger on the pulse of the most pressing cybersecurity threats. Now, let’s check out some of the top cybersecurity trends that have the potential to directly impact businesses like yours.

Cybersecurity is officially on the radar of business executives

For a very long time, the link between cybersecurity and business continuity wasn’t taken very seriously by business executives. Before technology really took over, the idea of making strategic cybersecurity plans or making big investments in cybersecurity infrastructure solutions just wasn’t really on the radar of business professionals.

However, rapidly evolving technology has undoubtedly changed things. Nowadays, a business executive who pays no mind to cybersecurity concerns would simply be considered foolish. The fact of the matter is, business executives today know that without prioritizing cybersecurity their business assets and the very livelihood of their business itself are at stake.

Why is this an important cybersecurity trend?

The fact that business executives are now tuned in to the importance of rigid and reliable cybersecurity measures means that the relationship between business leaders and cybersecurity consultants can be made stronger than ever. If you’re looking for a cybersecurity consultant make it clear to them that cybersecurity is a top priority.

The right cybersecurity consultant will know that you have a vested interest in strong cybersecurity measures and will work alongside you and make sure your priorities are fully recognized. Most important? They’ll know how to communicate with you clearly about cybersecurity. This way, you’re always kept up-to-date, without drowning in the techno-mumble-jumble.

Businesses are now subject to increasingly rigid cybersecurity regulations

As the technology world has continued to evolve at an alarmingly fast rate, regulators have been working their hardest to keep up and make sure businesses are held accountable for protecting their own data – and the data of their customers – both in transit and at rest.

There are now many mandatory cybersecurity regulations that businesses must be aware of and adhere to – both nationally and internationally. Keeping track of all the different mandates can be tricky, but with heavy fines and penalties attached for non-compliance, there is little room for error when it comes to abiding by cybersecurity regulation.

Why is this an important cybersecurity trend?

This pretty much goes without saying, but being aware of all the different regulatory controls and legal mandates that your business is subject to is massively important. Not only do you want to avoid the fines and penalties, but you also want to avoid the disruption to your business and the damage to your business’ reputation should there be a data disaster or cybersecurity breach.

When looking for cybersecurity consulting services, be sure to invest in a consultant that has a keen awareness of all the different regulatory mechanisms that exist and which ones directly impact businesses in your industry. When you have a professional team in your corner that is committed to staying on top of regulatory mandates and their continual updates, you’ll know you’re always on the right side of the law and that business continuity is always protected.

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The Cloud is changing cybersecurity as we know it

Alright, chances are at this point in the game you’re probably getting a little tired of hearing about the Cloud and the ways in which its revolutionizing the world of business IT. Bare with us. The reality is, Cloud technology is opening up entirely new possibilities when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. Cloud-sourced security platforms are becoming more and more commonplace.

However, with this technological innovation comes increased risk as well. The Cloud may be offering up innovative security solutions for businesses, but it also poses larger risks to Cloud-stored data and Cloud-based business interactions. The truth is, the Cloud can be a business’ best friend or worst enemy. It all depends on how you deploy it.

Why is this an important cybersecurity trend?

The cybersecurity consultant you decide to invest in must have a handle on the way Cloud technology is changing the cybersecurity world – for the worse and for the better. They should know which Cloud security solutions are worth considering and which you should forget about altogether. They won’t be afraid to give it to you straight about Cloud benefits and risks.

Overall, the right cyber security consultant will have a game plan for helping you take advantage of Cloud security benefits while mitigating the risks involved at the same time. They’ll communicate with you openly and honestly about the best and most strategic way to get the Cloud in your cybersecurity game plan. Overall, they’ll help you understand when and why the Cloud is a good idea and when and why it’s not.

Keeping Trends in Mind: Finding the Right Cybersecurity Consultant

Now that you’ve got an idea of the top cybersecurity trends impacting businesses today, it’s time to start your hunt for the right cybersecurity consulting services. There’s no magic formula for finding the right provider – the best approach is to go with an informed perspective and then, go with your gut.

The right cybersecurity consultant will go above and beyond to make sure they understand your priorities. Even better? A strategic cybersecurity consultant will be sure to match both their experience and their expertise with the unique cybersecurity needs of your business. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a dedicated and customized approach to building a strategic long-term cybersecurity plan for your business.

If you’re at the starting line, don’t hesitate to check out the cybersecurity services offered by BlueHat Cyber. BlueHat Cyber provides top-of-the-line cybersecurity consulting services across the country. We are passionate about staying up-to-date with fast-changing cybersecurity trends and we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you and your team stay on top of cybersecurity strategically.

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The team of consultants at BlueHat Cyber can offer advice on all aspects of business cybersecurity, including:

  • Secure data storage and transmission
  • Viruses prevention and protection
  • User permissions and authentication controls
  • Wireless security
  • Cloud security
  • Security monitoring and alerts
  • Security management and maintenance
  • Strategic incident response
  • Data recovery and business continuity
  • Risk prevention and vulnerability analysis
  • Rigid security compliance standards
  • Strategic security planning

If your business is ready for a cybersecurity overhaul, reach out to the team of security experts at BlueHat Cyber. We’re committed to working with business leaders to improve overall cybersecurity posture and ensure business networks are proactively and consistently locked down with strategic security solutions. Don’t wait for disaster to strike – reach the BlueHat Cyber team today at (775) 204-6991 or via email info@bluehatcyber.com.

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