What Critical Issues Can IT Solve for Your Business in 2020?

Read more about how technology can address complex issues facing your business in 2020, including scalability, data, regulation, cybersecurity and innovation.

Enterprise, small and medium-sized businesses alike face critical business challenges in 2020. Understanding those challenges and how they will impact your business helps identify technology solutions that simplify the greatest complexities.

Here is a look at the top X business challenges and how technology can address each.

1. Scalability Without Culture Compromise

Growth is usually at the top of any list of business priorities. If your company is looking to grow in 2020, there’s an important consideration: How do you scale up your business maintaining your company culture? Growth frequently means rapid expansion into markets, products and services, and new revenue streams. Doing so usually means more personnel, distributed management and more decentralized decision-making.

Achieving expansion without sacrificing what matters most to your business can be difficult. However, automation tools, cloud-based data storage and mobility solutions that keep people — and values — connected help you achieve growth while maintaining your corporate values, mission and vision intact.

2. More Sales Without Extensive Spending

How can you add additional sales infrastructure without spending exorbitant amounts on sales staff, support staff and the tools, training and expenses that come with that growth? By using more intelligent tools to manage your sales data, investing in IT projects that integrate your data and systems, and using artificial intelligence and automation capabilities to your advantage. Technology can help you grow while staying lean and working smart.

3. Evolving Your Mission

Technology is changing rapidly, with new and innovative tools that transform the way work is done. That’s why companies of all sizes are changing the way they look at data. It’s no longer enough to collect and store data.

Today, there’s significant value in how those data are packaged, analyzed and used. Internally, the use of data can inform how work is done and the role of people in that work. It can mean new business models, new business processes and new products and services. Data is the key to new revenue streams that were not possible just a few years ago.

“As digitization continues in 2020, data will become more valuable than ever before. Information that may have previously seemed trivial to the everyday consumer will actually hold significant value for stakeholders and hackers across the spectrum,” noted Phil Dunkelberger, president and CEO of Nok Nok Labs, in a recent Forbes article.

This evolving perspective on the role of information means your business mission may change considerably. In 2020, it’s a smart move to look at your mission and determine whether it’s necessary to adjust, refine or replace. In today’s dynamic competitive space, a static mission statement can lead to latency and irrelevance.

4. Balancing Communication

Communication is at the heart of business today. Customers expect instant, constant and relevant communication with your company and its people. Business partners, collaborators and employees expect access to information. Your communication tools need to allow for access and sharing across operating systems, time zones, devices and times of need.

More communication is not necessarily better. Instead, consider using cloud-based tools that keep data protected, accessible and usable.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Compliance issues are no longer only worrisome to those companies that deal with health information or government agencies. Businesses of all types are subject to increasing regulatory pressure from states, provinces, countries and regions, especially when it comes to protecting customer and consumer data. Your data security needs to be comprehensive, deliberate and consistent.

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