Preparing for Calamities – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Enterprise-level Business

Disasters happen every day. Malfunctioning hardware, power outages, hackers and malware pose an existential threat to your enterprise. Are you prepared? Do you have a foolproof fallback plan to access the critical data your business needs during a crisis?

You need the right information, people, and infrastructure to continue operating. Without an effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan in place, the bad guys win, and your organization sinks into chaos, employee frustration, and probable financial loss.

BCDR planning helps stem the chaos by codifying the measures to take – ensuring continued uninterrupted operation if disaster, cybercriminals, or malware strikes.

How Does My Business Benefit from Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning?

  • Peace of mind that your critical data is safe, secure, and ready when you need it most
  • Minimize downtime resulting from localized or external threats
  • Safeguard reputation among customers, employees, and other vendors
  • Retain your competitive edge
  • Minimize recovery costs should you face a breach that threatens business operations

Bluehat Cyber Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Solutions

  • Disaster Recovery – Planning, implementing, and testing organizational IT infrastructure for continuous operation and enabling “spin up” of critical infrastructure in a virtual environment if required
  • Business Continuity – Helping you prepare for the unexpected by laying down the procedures that enable the protection of your IT assets and workflow
  • Data Backups – Setup, monitoring, and maintenance of essential data systems – both local and off-site

The Cost of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We understand that your organization’s continued operations is your priority. That is why we make it a priority too by providing custom and affordable business continuity and disaster recovery planning solutions.

Does that mean that BlueHat’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions are average or cheap?


We provide IT and cybersecurity professionals that are at the top of their game and we leverage the same Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions that are utilized by industry giants like Cisco and governmental agencies like the DOD.

We won’t compromise your organization’s future with cheap or ineffective solutions.

We’re sure that you will be able to find cheaper BCDR teams that use less expensive solutions, but you won’t find better.

We are the insurance your organization needs against downtime caused by ransomware, hacking, data theft, and more.

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